Shun Premier Tim Mälzer Minamo

With its understated elegance, the Shun Minamo series joins the ranks of premium class KAI knife series. An artistically combination of both Japanese and European features. Tim Mälzer's idea was to create a synthesis of the typical Japanese Santoku and the classic European chef's knife.

This fusion was the base for the three blade shapes. The series is designed with a clear stylistic idiom.

The combination of the black wood hilt together with the specifically designed blade and its evenly damascene pattern, lets every knife look like an individual item.

The name of the series originates from its fine pattern, which resembles a water surface (jap. Minamo) in the rain. The blade construction is made of a hard core, surrounded by flexible damascene steel, thus providing the highest sharpness, long cutting durability and ideal performance.


Series with 3 shapes
Hardness 60 (±1) HRC

Each knife comes in a wooden box